Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 8 Sebring

This week was a complete turn around from last week! Last week was a bit of a struggle but everything seemed to be working out this week.

Elder Arnson and I have been working with Facebook and it is producing miracles! We don't use it to post things, we just use it for Facebook we have been doing is creating group chats between our investigators, us, and members. It's super nice because it fills in all the days where we aren't able to meet with them for lessons.

I also was blessed enough this week to be a part of a huge miracle! One of the coolest of my missions. I was in an exchange with Elder O'hare and we had decided to contact a bible referral (she ordered a bible so we deliver them). We contact this lady and she was polite but wasn't interested. We get back to the car and I got this very distinct prompting saying to turn around and do more work in this area. Obviously a promoting to my heart from the spirit. So we do so. It's about 8:30 at night and on top of that it was raining so everyone seemed to not want to listen. We were determined however. We decided that we would knock every door in this small complex that had a light on. The second to last door a man answered and he said, "Hey. You want to come in?" That's one of the best lines to hear as a missionary! Long story short, this guy is super Down! His name is Fritz and he has been living in Avon Park for about 4 months and hasn't had anyone come visit him. The cool part is that just before we knocked, he was talkinon the phone with one of his good friends from Miami who is actually a member of the church! She even had taken him to church with her before! We called her during the lesson and had her bare her testimony to him. He is like 26 and a straight up stud! "My beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, [Nope!!!]"

It breaks my heart that I only have a few weeks left out here. I have never come to love people so much. If you haven't served a mission or are thinking about going, don't hesitate! Do it!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Goff